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Initiating therapy can understandably feel overwhelming, that’s why I strive to provide a supportive, non-judgmental, and confidential space for clients to explore difficult parts of their lives.


At some point many people find that their familiar patterns and habits of relating to others, coping with stress, and being in the world no longer serve them. Clients who see me often feel anxiety, distress in relationships, dissatisfaction at work or school, overwhelm with life transition, and have a wish for more connection and intimacy.

Through a safe and collaborative therapeutic alliance, we can work toward bringing relief to your immediate distress while also fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and others. I'm interested in helping you access your innate wisdom and healing potential. I’m curious about and sensitive to cultural difference and the unique factors that have shaped your life. Together we can develop and uncover parts of yourself that can lead to living a richer, more creative life. 


I offer both brief and long term therapy depending on your needs.

For appointments or free telephone consultation please contact me.

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